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Many of the newer models of cars have built-in sensors that can warn of problems which can be affecting your car’s ignition system and fuel or emissions systems. In some cases, the light may be flashing or permanently on. Either way, if your in las vegas, you should as soon as possible, schedule with our mobile mechanics to have your car in for a full car diagnostics check.

In many cases, it is difficult for a mechanic to actually pinpoint the problem, and why the engine light is on, but it is showing it may be time for a tune-up or service, or you do actually have a problem area.

And one of the most fundamentally important parts of a vehicle are the brakes – so you might want to pay attention to them when they need maintenance.

Possible Causes

  • A Failing oxygen sensor
  • A faulty Ignition coil, rotor arm, or spark plug problem
  • Bad spark plug wires between ignition coil and spark plugs
  • A problem with the catalytic converter
  • Bad mass air flow sensor, this reports the quantity of air which is entering the engine
  • Engine vacuum leak, this can be obvious or it produces symptoms like an ignition or fuel problem and can upset the air to fuel ratio.
  • EGR valve problem, this is responsible for reducing pollution-causing emissions
  • Excessive gas consumption or release of air pollutants

    Flashing Check Engine Light VS Steady

    If the engine checks light is on but not flashing, this is an indication of an issue but not yet serious, it does not mean you can ignore it and you should schedule a diagnostic test as soon as possible.

    Check Engine Light Comes On When Starting The Car
    This is normal, as the car is testing the circuits, once they are all OK, the light will go out.​

    Check Engine Light Car Diagnostics
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    Modern Vehicles
    With more modern vehicles, a diagnostics test can help take the guess work out of trying to locate the above problems. If you have a modern car and you are experiencing any issues while driving, noticeably reduced fuel economy and your check light is on or flashing you should schedule a diagnostic test as soon as possible, as it can save you an expensive auto repair further down the road.

    When the check light comes on, a trouble code can be entered into one of the vehicles computers, but it takes up to 5 specific criteria for this code to be set. The technician should check all of these criteria before they can make a decision on a repair.

    A full diagnostic on modern vehicles can take longer than a normal test as it allows for more time to actually try and pin point the problem without just fixing what the assumed problem is. This should in the long term save money, as unnecessary repairs should not be performed.

    Is like going to the dentist for your regular check ups. That will give them the changes to catch a cavity, so its just a filling, and doesn’t turn into a root canal (cause nobody likes a root canal!)

    A full diagnostics test will include:

    • Visual inspection of related components for obvious problems
    • System analysis from computer related printouts or display
    • Research of Technical Service Bulletins for possible related symptoms
    • Pin Point testing to eliminate possible problem areas
    • Component diagnosis at each stage of the process.

    Our mobile mechanics can provide a detailed report once all the diagnostic tests have been completed, this can show you the direction which needs to be taken before any repairs are undertaken.

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