Rock Climbing In Kansas City, MO

If there was one place to try out rock climbing, it is in the middle of the desert, and that’s one of the main reasons it is so prevalent in and around Kansas City. There is one problem though, if you are entirely new it is a little extreme scaling the side of the mountain in the blistering sun.

Kansas City has a few options for this. There are now a few indoor climbing centers that are just the thing for first-timers or beginners. Most of these indoor climbing centers cater for more experienced climbers also, so no matter if you are a resident who wants to scale up the side of a wall for a few hours, or you are on vacation and you want to try something different.

Kansas City Climbing Introduction

Indoor climbing centers have walls that are made from large wooden structures. Next, the holds are fastened to hidden nuts which allows a vast array of routes to be created. These courses are highlighted by colored tapes, so you have no chance of becoming stuck halfway up the wall.

Many of the centers change the routes on a weekly basis, so all of your Kansas City rock climbing experience is going to be different.

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Kansas City Rock Climbing for Professionals

Many of the centers have walls designed by professional climbers, so even though the climbs are indoors, they are still as challenging as a real rock face. A good example is the Red Rock Climbing Center which has over 8000 square feet of climbing walls and over 1000 square feet of overhangs and more challenging roof routes.

If you are up for the challenge, there are quite a few indoor rock climbing centers in Kansas City, MO so you have lots of choices and there will be no question of availability.

For a one of a kind experience and a great way of getting fit and increasing your stamina, you can do far worse than checking out one of the centers that cater primarily for Rock Climbing in Kansas City, MO.

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